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The Arizona Nursery Association Foundation awards scholarships to worthy students each year.

Applicants must be:

  • A resident of Arizona currently or planning to be enrolled in a horticultural related curriculum at a university, community college or continuing education program
  • Be currently employed in or have an interest in the nursery industry as a career
  • Have an above average scholastic achievement or at least two years work experience in the industry; and, display involvement in extra-curricular activities related to the industry.

Scholarship are available in amounts from $500 – $5,000. Award winners are notified in May of each year with scholarships made available from the fall semester.



To download application, right-click and save-as to your desktop. 


Open with Adobe Reader and type in your information.

Save the file and email the completed application to SCHOLARSHIP@AZNA.ORG

2023 ANAFUND Scholarship Recipients

Ivory Flemister,  a Freshman at UA studying Sustainable Agriculture & Ag Tech Management

General Fund $2,000

Reilly Rich, a Junior at UA studying Ag Tech Management & Education

Williams Family Fund $3,000 

Jayda Schmerfeld, a Freshman at University of New Mexico for Ag Business

 Krantz Fund $1850, Nixon Fund $300 total scholarship: $2150

Brody Thomas, a Freshman at Mesa Community College studying Landscape Horticulture

Hemminghaus Fund $1400 

Michael Harris, a Senior at Mesa Community College for Urban Horticulture

Kolley Fund $900, Riding Fund $850, McGrath Fund $250 total scholarship: $2000

Conor Loghry, a Sophomore at UA studying Ag Economics & Management

Augustine Heritage Fund $3,550

Taylor Dlugosz of Phoenix, a Freshman at Estrella Community College for Business

Williams Fund $1,000, Cusma Fund $625  total scholarship: $1625

Christie Lovato, a Freshman at Mesa Community College studying Horticulture & Landscaping

Gass Fund $1700, General Fund $1000 total scholarship: $2700

John Kubrock, a Junior at Yavapai CC studying Production Horticulture

Waltemeyer Fund $1000, Kazan Fund $1900 total scholarship: $2,900

Sara Cobb, a Sophomore at Mesa Community College studying Landscape Horticulture

Ladd Smith Fund, $3,400

Nakomis Buckingham, a Junior at Arizona State University studying Landscape Architecture

Vlachos Fund $2,150 and AzASLA Fund $850 total scholarship: $3000

Donald Rogers, a Senior at Mesa Community College studying Landscape Horticulture and Greenhouse Production

 Hegeler Fund $2,300

Julie Dahl, a Sophomore at Cornell studying Biological and Plant Sciences

Douglas Fund $2,350 and Becker Fund $650 total scholarship $3000

Hailey Gilmore, a Freshman at The University of Arizona studying Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Wheat Fund $750, Jones Fund $450 and O'Riley Fund $525 total scholarship $1725

Amanda Ohnmacht, a Freshman at Mesa Community College studying Sustainable Horticulture

Johns Fund $250, Western Tree Company $250 and Greg Augustine Fund $250 total Scholarship $750

Mohammad Jowad, a Freshman at Mesa Community College

Farber Fund $675, Harper Fund $550, Meyer Fund $450 and Berridge Fund $375 total scholarship $2050

Arizona Nursery Association
1710 W Ranch Rd, Suite 202
Tempe, AZ 85284

(480) 966-1610

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